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Brandon is a passionate fan of the Angels, Colts, Lakers, and Ducks. He's also a gamer who enjoys a good RPG, action-adventure game, or just playing MLB The Show. Alongside recording a new episode of his podcast.
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3 Signs That LeBron James is a Top NBA Player of All-Time

The other storyline that emerged post-game was 38-year-old LeBron James talking about hanging it up.

3 MLB Players Who Could Be Traded

Major League Baseball's Trade Deadline isn’t until August 1st, but that doesn’t stop general managers from taking and making calls to improve their teams for...

Quarter of the Season MLB Awards

Baseball is about a quarter of the way through. Since day one, players have been hot, cold, and some are just starting to find their...

3 Takeaways From Game 1 of Lakers vs Nuggets

The NBA has finally reached the final four teams: the Los Angeles Lakers and Denver Nuggets in the West Conference and Boston Celtics and Miami...

MLB in May: 3 Storylines Worth Watching

Baseball is moving along the season is beginning to take shape. Many of the storylines have come and gone like flashes in the pan.

3 Managers Who Could Be On The Hot Seat

As the baseball season moves forward, teams look to make moves that can give them a push. Here a 3 mangers who seats are getting hot.

3 Baseball Series To Watch Over The Weekend

Looking at three of the series going on across baseball over the weekend. Playoff rematches, surprising teams, and great pitching are among them.

3 Angels Stats That Make Zero Sense

We have a plethora of stats that help explain what we see. Even better, some stats exist that make no sense considering the player. 

3 MLB Teams That Should Panic

3 teams who are having some major struggles to start the season, and why they should be starting to panic.

Buy or Sell, West Divisions Edition

The final division in this buy or sell saga. In the West we got the Angels making the playoffs, Dodgers slipping, and A's setting a record for losses.

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