Three Underrated Blue Jays Players that Have Wowed us

There have been some exciting games this season for the Toronto Blue Jays. Normally, we would expect the best from players like Bo Bichette and Vladimir Guerrero Jr. But it's not always the big names that help win games. When underrated players come out big and surprise us, the icing on the cake tastes so much sweeter. It makes us realize that a combined team effort is always significant and we shouldn't only rely on the big names to produce.

Which Yankees Can Make the All-Star Team? Pitchers Edition

The New York Yankees have a handful of players worthy of getting the All-Star nod. Which pitchers might get the call? Hint: Cole is one of them.

Which Yankees Can Make the All-Star Team?

The New York Yankees have their fair share of players that could play in the All-Star game. So, let's look at which everyday players will get the call.

Ted Williams To Luis Arraez: The Chase To Hit .400

The MLB has not seen a player hit a .400 average in a single season since Ted Williams in 1941 for the Boston Red Sox when he hit .406.